About Us.

ZU Creative is a young dynamic creative agency that specialises in providing total communication solutions for your business. Whether it’s a premier event, advertising, sponsorship, promotions or sports marketing, ZU Creative is the agency that will turn your company’s vision into reality.

Founder and chief ZuKeeper, Mick Omar and his team deliver a wealth of knowledge coupled with experience working with some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious brands and talents, ensuring your brand is positioned front and centre with the world’s best.

Our approach is to stay continually plugged-in to our clients’ markets and their target audience, connect with their customers and figure out what makes our clients stand apart from their competition.

OUR JOB is to

Deliver the most creative and cost effective campaigns for our clients. We’re happy with our work only when the results are above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

We manage this through leveraging opportunities with the people we work with, our clients and their brands. With our strong network of international alliances, we can also assist our clients in branching out to Dubai, Los Angeles, New York and London, opening doors and leading them to new business opportunities.